Celebrated wellness chef Deborah Nash has spent over a decade building beautiful,
healthy bodies for entertainers and athletes through proper nutrition.
Determined to further help her clients reach their health and beauty goals,
Chef Debbie has been formulating organic skin and oral-care products in her kitchen.
Chef Debbie is highly committed to discovering and sourcing nature’s most effective
ingredients and medicinal herbs. For years only offered to her one-on-one clients,
Deborah Organics products are now available throughout the US and UK.






What people are saying about Deborah Organics products:

“​The face cream is magic-​ ​My skin glows after using this product.
I am addicted to the results as well as the compliments I have received. Thank you!​”​
​-​Katie B.

​”​My family and I have fallen in love with these products. The gentle medicinal ingredients have been great to my husband,
myself and our toddler. I began using the toothpaste after a quadruple wisdom tooth extraction.
Applying the clay toothpaste was pain free and truly soothing. All gum pain and bleeding was gone​.We are hooked!​​”​
-​D. Diallo M.D.

​”I love my Deborah Organics body butter and face minerals so much that I purchased more as gifts to share with my friends. My skin is super smooth from the body butter. When I had my daughter, the doctor was amazed at how healthy, soft and mark free my belly was!”
-Karen N.​

“Dear Deb,

I cannot wait to get more of that toothpaste. I have had no bleeding in my gums since I started. Also all tooth pain is gone and I could stop using what I used to for that… A normal enamel replacement wash that has chemicals. I cannot tell you how grateful I am! There’s less gunk on my teeth afterwards too!
 Thank you sooo much for making it.
 I am so happy we found you! I ordered a tube for my husband and another son…
Please keep making it forever!”

“This super mineral infused facial butter leaves my face smooth and nourished. My skin absorbs it really well and appreciates the extra boost. Love the consistency….great buy!”

“Hey Deborah,
I met you at the Fresh Fest in West Palm. I would like to order more of the clay toothpaste. It is the best toothpaste I have ever come across. I no longer have bleeding gums since using your toothpaste.”

“I’ve been buying this toothpaste at my local health food store for the last six months and I’m so happy to find it here on Etsy now. I feel a definite improvement of my gums and my teeth appear whiter too. I’m very happy to have found this toothpaste!!!”